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I shoot pointed 82 bergers. I've tried a lot of powders: Va

Aug 25, 2014. #3. The very best subsonic 223 load for any of these rifles is a .22 conversion using a 1-9 twist barrel and 60gr SSS ammo from Aguila. Loading up that huge oversized .223 case for subsonics is a waste of time and money. Unless you are shooting the 80 or 90gr bullets you're not really gaining any energy over the 22LR and you are ...Mar 20, 2020. #14. Thanks guys! I have at least 3 lbs. of every powder mentioned. I also have H335, 8208, lt32, H4895 and rl 15. For bullets, I have: Sierra 53 grain HP. Speer TNT 50. Hornady 52 grain BT Amax.

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I shoot pointed 82 bergers. I've tried a lot of powders: Varget, TAC, H4895, RL15, and finally 8208xbr. Varget was excellent, but too bulky and a little slow. TAC meters like water, and has excellent velocity, but is more temperature sensitive than I would like.The 223 works well with a wide variety of powders and in my experience is quite easy to reload. I've used Benchmark and it works quite well especially with 50 grain bullets. It's the "best accuracy load" stated in the Nosler Manual for 50 grain bullets.45. Arizona. Jan 22, 2012. #4. Re: Whats the best powder for 75gr 5.56. Ramshot TAC - on par in accuracy potential with most other powders used in his weight projo, added velocity increase of 4-6%, ball powder for easy set up and consistent throws.I use the Hornady 75 grain BTHP bullet to load match-grade hand-loads for my semi-automatic AR-15s chambered in 5.56mm/223 Remington. According to Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets by Bryan Litz, the Hornady 75 grain BTHP has an average G1 ballistic coefficient of 0.356 and an average G7 ballistic coefficient of 0.183. The lot of T1 …Gunpowder Charge Weight Velocity m/s Velocity fps; Norma 200: Max 22.8 Min 21.8: 975 927: 3199 3041: Norma 201: Max 25.5 Min 24.2: 996 940: 3268 3084Oct 26, 2020 · Oct 26, 2020. #4. One powder for both will be a compromise to one or the other caliber. Varget, AR Comp, 4895 or 8208 are good with 65-77gr 223, but only really applicable to lighter bullets in 6.5CM. And same with 4350, RL16 and others in CM-they have no application in 223, regardless of bullet weight.Just preparing to pull the trigger on a winter road trip up the Alaska-Canada Highway is a feat in itself. AS MY BROTHER YANCY AND I dug our camper out of 15 inches of fresh powder...In terms of primer selection, I would say to stay with Federal 205M's or CCI BR4's Match Grade Primers for stick powder and magnum primers for ball powders but some may disagree on the magnum primers. My thought would be when you get this Savage 223, do some testing with copper jacketed stuff and prove the capabilities before moving onto RF ...Full Story: T-Shirts: on Patreon: you used Hodgdon’s CFE 223 b...Joined. Feb 4, 2010. Messages. 62. Nov 30, 2012. #4. 14 or 16 in. barrel really does not make much difference. Varget should work fine. a 223 is a 223.Re: Powder For Heavy Bullets in .223. Bought some 77 TMK's last week, haven't loaded them yet. Sierra's mobile app shows VV N140 for the accuracy load for both 77's so that is what I'll try. Sierra says they require 1-8 twist, but I think I'm just high enough that they'll stabilize in my 1-9, we'll see.Unique may not be the best powder but you can work up some 1500+ fps loads with cast / plated bullets that work well . Unique is usually somewhere to be found and burns clean at 30 M1 Carbine pressures . ... Ammo availability seems to be mostly what's popular (.223/5.56x45, 308/7.62x51, 9mm Parabellum/Luger), and thankfully a bit of 30-06 and ...Best powder for .223. I have a Rem 700 PSS LTR in .223 currently I'm useing Varget 28g with 50g V-max. ... 17rem 222rem 223rem 22/250 260rem 243 win 7mm/08 30/30 308 30/06 and the 458win mag he did state that it was not the best powder for some of these rounds but worked well in this wide range I use it in my 222 magnum and was getting 3500 ...223 Rem/5.56 Nato is a pretty forgiving cartridge. H335 works extremely well for a wide range of bullet weights. I have also had excellent luck with 748 and 52 grain bullets in my CZ varmint rifle. Other powders I have gotten very good results with in both gas guns and bolt guns are Benchmark, CFE223 Reloder 7, Reloder 15, and Varget.Re: Subsonic .223 ADI powder by Baronvonrort » Mon May 20, 2019 11:32 am ADI reloading manual says 4 gr Trailboss with Hornady 55gr FMJ for 1074 fps, 3.2 gr AS30N for 1060 fpsFeb 21, 2013. #8. I've tried quite a few powders@ different weights for my 52 grain SMK's including IMR 4895, 3031, 4198, W846 but the best load that I found is 26.2 grains of W748 dispensed from an RCBS Chargemaster and CCI small rifle primers .It shoots 0.5" 5 shot groups @ 100 yards in my Remy PSS and sub moa in most of my AR's and being a ...Oct 14, 2023 · If I remember right they were selling the VV powders as low as $5/pound by the end. I bought 30-40 pounds of it. I typically used Varget, N140, RL17, and a few others. N140 seemed to give the most consistent results. RL17 gave the best velocity with acceptable grouping. Varget was in the middle for both. NiteQwill.Jun 18, 2023. #3. N 135 is a fine powder for every thing 223 with exceptional accuracy and velocity will be great for the lighter bullets. Its in the 4895 burn rate. For the 77 and 80s, I lose about 100 fps to the slower powders like RL 15/varget but it shoots so well... barefooter56 and 6Creed73.I use a 1-8 twist .223 Rem both bolt and semi. Here are a few loads. To get the best out of the 1-8 {depending on barrel length you might try Mk's or Berger 80gr'ers. 80gr. Varget [24.2 grs] Rem 7 1/2 BR vel's 28" barrel 2950 fps. 80gr. VV-N150 [25.0 grs] WSR vel's 2950 fps. 80gr.

So the question is what is the best powder for both the .223's and .308, will handle heavier bullets in .308, and will get me the velocity needed to push the large pills out to 1000 yards? From what research I've done, BL-C(2) and Varget will work but I'm not sure about BL-C(2)'s ability to get the velocity I need in the .308.Varget - Suprform Ratio, 93.7%. H4895 - Suprform Ratio, 95.0%. Hodgdon Superformance powder is the top performer in the .22-250 Remington cartridge with a Hornady 60 grain V-max bullet. Varget and H4895 fall some five to seven percent below Superformance in MV.The model seven likes 40 grain bullets best. The 78 likes 55 grain best. Here's load for both with 40 grain bullets: 223 Remington Seven, 40 grain Nosler BT, 7 ½ BR, 22.3 Grains TAC, 0.44 MOA (average of three 5 shot groups) 223 Remington Sport 78, 40 grain V-max, 28.5 grains TAC, 0.77 MOA (average of three 5 shot groups) TAC wins …Mar 6, 2021 · Minuteman. Feb 26, 2020. 870. 2,281. Mar 6, 2021. #3. V V N133 works extremely well for mid-weight bullets in 5.56/223 Remington fired from semi-automatics AR-15s. The groups pictured below were fired from my Krieger barreled AR-15s at a distance of 100 yards using Berger 62 grain HP bullets. 5-shot group: 0.280 MOA.

Powders The .223 Remington is a reloader's dream. Not finicky, it shoots well with a wide variety of powders, both extruded (stick) and granular (ball). ... or 70gr HPBT match bullets. This is very good stuff (with the best .223 Rem brass available) but the 70 grainers are relatively expensive at $26.99 per box of 20 rounds from ...Benchmark, 8208 XBR, or H4895 - take your pick. In fairness, the RL15, N140, N133, and Varget powders you have should also work well. Given that all of those powders fall within a reasonable burn rate region for what you're trying to do, I might well just load up a few rounds with each powder and shoot a group or two to determine whether there appears any obvious difference in precision, even ...Oct 29, 2008 · Re: Favorite Powder for .223. « Reply #9 on: October 30, 2008, 08:44:02 pm ». Fastest to slowest on the above mentioned powders: H335, AA2230, AA2460, 4895. But all four are very close in the charts I have. With ……

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. W748 is in my opinion one of the best 223 powders, though it ca. Possible cause: Loader9. Senior Member. Join Date: July 29, 2008. Posts: 949. Loading data for the.

The burn rate is medium in the scale of our rifle powders, and it works like a charm with .223 Remington, ... Use the very Best - Use Vihtavuori Smokeless Powders. Jack Neary. Vihtavuori offers tested loading data for N133 powder for the following calibers:.204 Ruger - .221 Remington Fireball - .222 Rem. - .223 Rem. - .22 PPC-USA ...CFE-223. One of the most accurate and versatile rifle powders available. 5.56 7.62x51, 30-30. The big three of rifle cartridges love this powder and velocities are among the highest you can attain. Buy CFE 223 copper fouling eraser directly from Hodgdon. Learn more and buy today.

Hodgdon CFE 223 Smokeless Gun Powder. Hodgdon CFE 223. Specifications. Product Information. WEIGHT: 8 lb. QUANTITY: 8 Pound. Delivery Information. ... Best Alliant Reloader Smokeless Powder $ 33.00 - $ 195.00; Winchester USA Ready Small Rifle Match Primers sale $ 60.99 - $ 225.00; Best Selling.My CZ 527 .223 has a 1:9 twist and has shot 69 grain Sierra # 1380 SMK bullets with H4895 powder pretty well with a best load average of 0.378 with 23.5 grains of powder at 2.260 OAL. That was at 2850 fps. It did almost as well (0.436) with the same powder load at 2.290. For 6 different loads it averaged 0.499 but one of them was 0.757.

#1. In an effort to keep things simple and cheap 2169 posts · Joined 2013. #10 · Jul 11, 2016. Power pistol is the most accurate powder to push a 9mm. It is the powder that the military Bullseye teams use for 50 yards. Distinguished Pistol #388.Accurate 2230 is a fast burning, double-base, spherical rifle propellant. This versatile powder was designed around the 223 Remington, but can be used in many small and medium caliber cartridges including the 308 Winchester. 223 also works well in big bore straight wall cartridges such as the 458 Winchester. The excellent flow characteristics ... Jul 17, 2013 · AR-C will usually be more accurate, andVarget - Suprform Ratio, 93.7%. H4895 - Suprform Ratio, 95.0%. Hod .223 Cases.243 Cases; 300 AAC Blackout Cases.308 WIN Cases.50 Cal Cases; Shop; About Us. Contact Us; Where to buy; Search for: Loading... Home - 2020 admin 2021-04-22T09:03:24+00:00. 223 REM Ammo. 300 BLK Ammo ... Find your local distributer of ADI World-Class Powders and Ammunition.52-and 53-gr bullets are good weight for H-322 and H-335 powder. Heavier and lighter bullets have better powders. Sierra data for .223 Remington. Hodgdon CFE223 is a state-of-the-art powder with a low As for the heavier projectiles H4895 works well for projectiles up to around 77gr but when you go over that use varget, Varget is the best powder for projectiles heavier than 69gr bar none, also a trick with heavy projectiles in a 223 use Remington 7 1/2 primers they burn hotter and help with case fuls of slower powders like Varget. Norma 200 - Fast-burning powder for smallbore calibersBoth burn fairly clean and meter like water. Feb 16, 2012. #3. Varget is also an excel IMR 4198 Powder. Some shooters swear by the IMR 4198 and claim that it is the best powder for reloading 223. For over ten years now, IMR still produces the quality 4198 powder that shooters like for its smooth burning. The gunpowder can be used for small and large bore rifles, but it works best with the .223 caliber.1959 posts · Joined 2008. #8 · Dec 7, 2010. I like Varget, IMR-8208-XBR, RL-15 and IMR-4064. From these 4 propellents, if you can't find an accurate load for any bullet weight for the .308 WCF, there is something wrong with your rifle or reloading technique. If I had to go with one powder alone, it would be Varget hands down. Cartridge : .223 Rem. (SAAMI) Bullet : .224, 62, Nosler H The powder ignites quickly and burns clean, translating into superb accuracy, higher scores and more clean, one-shot kills. Varget is the perfect powder for shooting the 223 Remington with heavy bullets in competitive matches. Outstanding performance and velocity can be obtained in such popular cartridges as the 22-250 Remington, 308 Winchester ... Jan 31, 2013 · Michigan. Jan 30, 2013. #4. Re: H4[Code: Cartridge : .223 Rem Bullet : .224, 40, There is no magic powder. I try to keep things sim 3914 posts · Joined 2009. #9 · Mar 22, 2020. I feed my 583 series (2016) Mini 14 52-55 gr bullets and Hodgdon Benchmark powder in Winchester cases. So far, about 2-2.5" groups at 100 yds. I polished the trigger sears for a pull of just under 4 lbs. I use a Bushnell 1-4x32 scope for load work.The Hide Armory. Reloading Depot. Sniper's Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. Founded by Frank Galli in 2000, Sniper's Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to its users in one location. Forum Statistics.